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.Want to be a better parent? Change your patterns, not your children

Our Approach

Parenting is one of the most challenging things we ever do. And, most of us feel ill-prepared for it. In Grounded Parenting coaching and classes, we focus on you, the parent. We help you change your patterns, rather than trying to change your children.

Self Compassion

Self-compassion allows us to embrace who we are, as we are -- flaws and all. We remember to treat ourselves with kindness and pay attention to our own emotional, physical and spiritual needs. As we deeply care for ourselves, we can more effectively care for our children.

Mind-Body Connection

Our minds and bodies are interconnected. As we learn to read our bodily sensations, we get a window into what’s going on in our minds -- often before we even realize it in our heads. We can use this awareness to prevent being hijacked by our emotions.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Our beliefs determine our actions and reactions. As we become more conscious of our thoughts, we can move forward in parenting with intention, rather than being controlled by what we are thinking and believing. 

We each have personality orientations that influence how we react in life. We have unique characteristics and strengths, as well as weaknesses. There is no one type that makes the perfect parent, but the more aware we are of our tendencies, the better our parenting can be.

More Joy

Neuroscience shows that brains continue to develop and evolve throughout our lives. In this class, we learn to consciously re-wire our brains to lessen our stress and bring more joy in our lives.  

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Want to be a better parent? Change your patterns, not your children.

Who We Are


What Parents Have Said

"The workshop was really transformational for me! 
I can actually apply everything we covered. I have been using the Enneagram and "The Work" tools in several areas of my life and it has helped me re-frame and shed anxiety."
"This parenting class was refreshing.
It was a safe place to be vulnerable and to get encouragement.
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Grounded Parenting group and urge any parent wanting to delve into their own feelings as a parent to take this course."

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